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February 2013
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Dr. Richard & Loryann Schnitker

Dr. Richard & Loryann Schnitker

C2TV ministry is designed to strengthen your spiritual walk. This ministry newsletter began in 1999, first known as the Family Tree Ministry. The goal is to be a connection builder, serving as a spiritual connection between people and matters of faith. Our mission is simple: Connecting men and women to life-changing faith in Jesus – encouraging them to impact their community with His values, ethics and love. In the age of technology the newsletter has transformed into a blog with many more features that the old paper format couldn't provide. In November 2012, The Family Tree Ministry was renamed to "Connect to the Vine - (C2TV)" based on the Book of John, Chapter 15, where we are told to remain connected to Christ. In October 2016, this blog was renamed to "Connecting Champions to the Vine - C2TV." This change came about with the adding of the ADVOCARE bar at the top of the blog site. Originally focused on a ministry outreach to family members, C2TV has expanded to reach all those whom we come into contact with. Our prayer is that this blog becomes a means of illuminating God's work in our culture and encouraging one another to stand firm in Him! At the heart of the spiritual journey is the understanding that it is a journey. None of us are perfect. Once we become believers, we are not expected to achieve instant spiritual maturity. Rather, the Christian life is a process involving both our attention (2 Corinthians 7:1) and God’s work in us (Philippians 1:6). And it has more to do with opportunity and intentionality than with age (1 Timothy 4:12).

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If you are looking for something to do with your small group, take a look at this Bible series.  Check out this website for more information!

Just clock on the website, if that doesn’t work then, Highlight – copy – and paste into your web browser —–

What Is This Study About?

Covers People and Events Every Christian Should Know!

In this 12-session DVD-based study, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones takes you through the most important events in Christian history from the time of the apostles to today. He brings to life the fascinating people and events that shaped our world.

This isn’t dry names and dates. It’s full of dramatic stories told with a touch of humor. This series, based on Dr. Jones’s popular award-winning book Christian History Made Easy, ties in spiritual lessons believers can glean from the past, and shows how God was (and still is) working in his church despite all the ups and downs.

It uses animated clips and a great sense of humor to make Christian history interesting, fun, and memorable.

You will learn:

  • The real-life stories of people such as St. Patrick, Martin Luther, and Augustine
  • People who changed history: Constantine, Charlemagne, and Francis of Assisi
  • How we got the Bible that we read today — John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and others
  • The Middle Ages and the Reformation: Kings and Queens, Monks and Reformers
  • Where church doctrines and practices originated
  • How the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches came to be
  • Reason and Revival – How modernity and the scientific revolution affected Christianity
  • How Christianity has spread around the world

Session Overview

SESSION ONE: The First Christians, AD 1–100
Nero; the Persecution of Early Christians; and the Fall of Jerusalem
SESSION TWO: Defending the Truth, AD 100–300
Four Heresies within the Early Church; Jesus’ Divinity; and the Bible’s Authenticity
SESSION THREE: From Persecuted to Preferred, AD 300–500
Constantine; the Legalization of Christianity; and the Council of Nicaea
SESSION FOUR: Christianity on the Move, AD 300–500
Gregory of Nazianzus; Fall of the Roman Empire; and Augustine
SESSION FIVE: A Church Divided, AD 500–1300
Roman Church vs. Eastern Church; Charlemagne; and the Crusades
SESSION SIX: God’s Work Goes On, AD 500–1300
Boniface; St. Francis of Assisi; and Thomas Aquinas
SESSION SEVEN: Everything Falls Apart, AD 1300–1500
Hundred Years’ War; Bubonic Plague; and John Wycliffe
SESSION EIGHT: The Reformation, AD 1500–1600
Martin Luther; John Calvin; and William Tyndale
SESSION NINE: Post-Reformation Growing Pains, AD 1600–1700
Arminianism vs. Calvinism; Puritans; John Bunyan; and William Wilberforce
SESSION TEN: Revolutions in the New World, AD 1600–1700
Pilgrims; Deism; John Wesley; Jonathan Edwards; George Whitefield; and The Great Awakening
SESSION ELEVEN: Ageless Faith in an Age of Reason, AD 1700–1900
The Enlightenment; William Carey; D. L. Moody; and Charles Spurgeon
SESSION TWELVE: A Global Gospel, AD 1900–Present
Pentecostalism; Liberalism vs. Fundamentalism; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; and Billy Graham

Who is This Study For?

This DVD-based study is ideal for small groups, Bible studies, adult Sunday school, or individual study. Ages: young adult to adult.

Whether you are already a Christian history buff or not, this study is a must-have for any believer. It highlights the roots of Christianity every Christian should know and uplifts believers by showing how God is always in control in times of prosperity, in seasons of disaster, and in their lives today.

The Complete Study Kit provides all the material needed for small group settings and the Leader Pack provides the needed tools for personal, independent use. You just order additional participant guides for each additional group member.

This study is easy to lead! Any volunteer who is interested in the topic can lead a group. You don’t have to be an expert. The DVD does all of the teaching and the discussion questions, diagrams, and insights are right in the participant guide and leader guide.

Complete Kit contains everything you need, including:

  • Leader pack with the DVD of twelve 30-minute video sessions and PDF files for promotional posters, fliers, handouts, bulletin inserts, and banners for you to print.
  • One printed leader guide + PDF of the leader guide.
  • One printed participant guide with session outlines, discussion questions, definitions, and time lines. Buy an additional participant guide for each person.
  • One copy of the award-winning Christian History Made Easy book. This full-color, 224-page book by Timothy Paul Jones tells additional stories that shaped Christian history.
  • One CD-ROM containing the fully illustrated 100-slide Christian History Made Easy PowerPoint® presentation to give the leader optional material such as additional images and information to go deeper into popular events and people.

The Christian History Made Easy Leader Pack Includes:

  • A DVD of the 12 30-minute teaching sessions and a PDF of the leader guide which may be printed out (you will need to order the participant guide separately for each participant).
  • A CD-ROM that contains PDFs of fliers, brochures, bulletin inserts, doorhangers, posters, and banners for promoting the study.

What Will My Group Get Out of This Study?

5 reasons why your group should buy this study:

  1. Packed with real-life stories that will inform, inspire, and challenge your small group.
  2. Covers key events and figures throughout Christian history from the time of Jesus to modern day—that every Christian should know!
  3. Highlights how God is always in control in times of prosperity, in seasons of disaster, and in your life today.
  4. Uses animated clips and a sense of humor to makes history fun.
  5. Easy to lead—no expertise required!
Component Complete Kit with Sample of all Printed Curriculum – $129.99
Product Code: 157X
ISBN 9781596365254
“Leader Pack” – $49.99
Twelve-Session DVD
Product Code: 157DV
ISBN 9781596365261
Twelve sessions on DVD – $49.99
1 Printed Leader Guide* – $14.99
96 pages; Not reproducible; ISBN 9781596365278
1 Printed Participant Guide* – $9.99
128 pages; Not reproducible: ISBN 9781596365285
PDF of Leader Guide (digital file)
PowerPoint on CD-ROM* – $39.99 value
125 slides; Not reproducible; ISBN 9781596363410
Christian History Made Easy Book* – $14.99
224 pages; Not reproducible; ISBN 9781596363281
PDF files for posters, fliers, handouts, bulletin inserts, and banners

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